We are a Singapore-based creative studio specializing in design, motion graphics, animation, and visual arts. We are a team of designers, artists, and creators who love exploring visual ways to communicate ideas! 

From concept to final creation, we collaborate with brands to solve business and creative problems through engaging visual content that people want to watch and share! We understand how important it is to create visual content that people can connect with, that's why we take pride in delivering high-quality and meaningful visuals that our clients love. 



Creative & Art Direction

Concept & Visual Development

Advertising / Commercials

2D & 3D Illustrations

3D Typography

Digital Art

Prints / Covers / Editorials

Motion Graphics


Social Media Contents



Porsche Design / Philips / Canon / Unilever / Volkswagen / Casetify / MSI / Wall's / Pokka / Ricola / Dulux / DDB Asia / Ogilvy / CO&CO Design Strategy HK / Abundant Productions / Starhub / Singtel / and more.


If you are interested in what we do or chat about the possibility of collaboration, just hit us up! We would love to hear from you! hello@pictoglaze.com


Nicholas Poon

Co-Founder / Creative Director



Co-Founder / Creative Director

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